Life-size wirework “My Room” in the Wynwood art fair, and right, the maquette - won prize for best booth--see video here

Some Details Below

Site Specific Installation for Art Basel 2011

“A Beautiful Beach”

“Luft Balons” in forced perspective

“T’was a beautiful sunset, yet all I could do was think of her” -- Each Line of birds is one line, and each bird is a refection of how I feel towards the other bird, which is me, too.

Above: “An Unrequited Lust For A Yoga Teacher”

“C’est La Vie” poem stretched out to its full length of 54 feet or so...

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“Requiem For A Dream”

Below: “Requiem For A Dream”

The goal was to create an artwork like that of a symphony, with various notes that represents envy, kindness, evolution, death and of course humor.

Below: Humble (10 gauge) Alphabet

Installing a poem in a private residence

“Le Papillon”

Private Collectors Homes

A collaboration

“Luft Balons” in Colors...hard to see in Picture